Vlookup with Today() formula

The first table is the input table. 

The second table is the for the results. The result should display as follow: 

– If the end date of the project is on or after today’s date, a cross will be displayed under the names of the resources persons working on the project.

I tried playing with nested IF formulas, Today() formula and Vlookup but still not able to find the right formula.


  Start Date (MM/DD/YYYY) End Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Resources (H,M,L)
Project 1 10/1/2017 04/10/2027 Person 1 
Person 2
Person 3
Person 4
Project 2 10/1/2017 04/10/2027 Person 2
Person 4 
Today’s date Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4
Project 1 X X X X
Project 2   X   X

By: Laura R

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