I am trying to get a formula that does multiple things:


1) basically calculates a number using simple math (b4/12)*0.5

2) then if that answer is more than 3500, it records it as 3500

This part I figured out and the formula that works is…=IF((B4/12)*0.5>3500,3500,(B4/12)*0.5)


However, now I need to make sure that the number it shows in the cell is rounded up ie. answer is 1235.20 needs to round up to 1236 BUT never exceeds the 3500.  is if answer is 3523.20 the number showing in the cell is only ever 3500.

I have used the round and roundup functions but the roundup(number,num. digits) I can’t seem to enter the correct arrangement to get the formula to work for me.



By: teresa

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