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Hello! I am working with Excel 2016 on a PC. I am trying to list client information from sheet 1 (Proposal Tracking) onto sheet 3 (Client List). I have the following formula:


=IF(‘Proposal Tracking’!$A$3:A500=’Client List’!$A$2, “ACCEPTED”,””)

Where column A in Proposal Tracking lists the status of the proposal (whether they are accepted, open, rejected, or dead), and A2 in the Client List spreadsheet is a simple header saying “ACCEPTED”. 

This takes projects that were listed as Accepted and puts them into the Client List spreadsheet,  However, this formula also keeps the spaces found in the Proposal Tracking sheet, where proposals are either dead, rejected, or open. How do I get rid of these spaces for the Client List spreadsheet? Of course a function must return something even if it’s false, so is there a better function to use?

In the future, I would also like to import the rest of the information from the Proposal Tracking sheet, such as the name, services provided, and sector classification. How would you suggest I go about doing that?

If you have a better way to import the accepted proposals onto the client spreadsheet, I’d love to hear them! Thank you so much for your help. 

By: Amy

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