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I’m trying to figure out a formula for keeping track of sales customers. I want to create IF functions to automatically calculate follow up dates for potential sales customers. I have one column determining what type of promotion they received (column F), if their promotion is a tour, what date the tour is on (column G), and if they signed up that day (yes or no, column H).

Next I want to set up a formula for when their follow up dates should be. I have four columns for follow ups – Follow Up (column I), Follow Up 2 (column J), Follow Up 3 (column K), and Follow Up 4 (column L).

If they sign up (IF YES for value in column H), I want their initial follow up date to be one week after the date of their tour. I want the second follow up to be one month after their tour/ sign up, Follow Up 3 will be two months after their initial tour, and follow up for will be 6 months after their initial sign up date.

Now I also need formulas if they did NOT sign up on their tour date. If the value in column H is NO then I need the first follow up to be one day after their tour date. Follow up 2 to be three days after their tour date. Follow up 3 to be one week after their follow up date and follow up 4 to be two weeks after their tour date


Would really appreciate the help for this, I’m sure I can figure out ways to adjust dates or add more follow ups as well! 


Thank You!Smile

By: Sydney

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