How to keep an output between a range


I am trying to come up with an equasion that keeps an output between a range.  I am working with inventory, where we have projected quantities produced that feeds into a few formulas and eventually ends up in a Months on Hand calculation.  I need to make it so that the ending MoH calculation stays between 3-6 MoH.  To do this I would like to have it change the production schedule automatically to keep it between that range.  As of now I have this formula =IF(AND(K36>=3,K36<=6.1),J28,”WIP”)  K36 being MoH for the “current” month and J28 being the production quantity for the previous month.  This satisfies my need to keep things between 3 and 6 but the WIP value for my “value if that is false” needs to change row 28 to then satisfy the equasion.  I believe the solution would be to create a variable but i am not sure how to do that.

I know this is relativley confusing but I simply am at a loss

By: Nick

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