How to incrase last number of alphanumeric text.

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I have column A having Purchase Order Number and in column B having supplier name. Now I have short them wtih Supplier Name and PON. Now I want to create a unique alphanumeric code using formula. In alphanumeric code I need sigle code for duplicate PON and Supplier Name. Like if column A1 have 3HDRSB8A and A2 have 3HDRSB8A and column A1 have ABC and A2 have ABC, so my code will be Supplier Name + PON + Number(1,2,3…) like in A1 cell ABC3HDRSB8A-1 and the A2 will b blank as thi is duplicate. When the A3 in new 5HDRSB4A then the new code will be generate like ABC5HDRSB4A-2. So basicaly I want to increase the last number of code.


Please suggest your solution for abowe.




By: Bharat Rangari

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