Extending Formula Series

I am using Excel 2016 on Windows.


I wish to extend the following formula indefinitely down through the rows of a column:


=SUM(G7*G8 + H7*H8 + I7*I8)

=SUM(G7*G9 + H7*H9 + I7*I9)

=SUM(G7*G10 + H7*H10 + I7*I10)

=SUM(G7*G11 + H7*H11 + I7*I11)

=SUM(G7*G12 + H7*H12 + I7*I12)

=SUM(G7*G13 + H7*H13 + I7*I13)

=SUM(G7*G14 + H7*H14 + I7*I14)

=SUM(G7*G15 + H7*H15 + I7*I15)

=SUM(G7*G16 + H7*H16 + I7*I16)


and so on, indefinitely. Marking the rows of the column and trying to extend this formula series downwards leads to erroneous formula, where the G7, H7 and I7 are not preserved. The extended series refuses to follow the pattern written above.

How might I solve this? Multiple solutions are appreciated. Thanks in advance. =)

By: Shademp

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