Excel Function to insert a value from a range of cells if the same value is entered in a named cell

Hi there,

I’m trying to put in a function that will return a value from a range of cells when I put a related value in another cell.

In column A I have a list of text values (exam grades A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1 etc.) and in column B I have the score that corresponds to the exam grade (scores 96, 88, 81.5, 76, 71.5, 68 etc.). These won’t change.

The purpose of the sheet is to calculate the total scores for a student when all I have is the exam grade value. I want to be able to input the students exam grades in column C and have a formula in column D that will enter the score from Column B that corresponds with the exam grade in Column A.

Not sure if I should be using an IF or LOOKUP function.

I know that I can use =IF(D2=A2, D2, “NS”) to return the score for one row only but don’t know how to adapt this to use the full range of information in columns A & B.

This will save me a lot of time in my day to day work and I will be really grateful if anyone out there can help me.

Cheers, Sandy

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