Cell Update

I’m trying to get a cell to add some money to it self when the month changes.


In cell A2 I have =Now() which gives me 10/25/17

In cell B2 I have =month(A2) which gives me the digit for the month not text

In cell C2 I have the digit 9

In cell D2 I have =IF(C2=B2,””,D2+1)

A few problems. It works 1 time. When I change C2 back to 9, close the workbook, reopen, it does not work

What I want it to do is every time the month changes, I want it to look at what’s in F1, add it to what’s G1 and put that total back in F1.

I don’t know if I’m thinking about this correctly but I’m trying to add a number in G1 to the total in F1 only when the month of the year changes.

After the month changes to 12, I don’t know how to restart it at one.

Last but not least, is this something that should be done in VBA, I don’t know.


I’m using Office 365 and Windows 10


Thank You Very Much


By: William

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