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Hello, I am having a SUMIFS problem.

I have uploaded a screenshot of what I am looking at but here is the description:
Goal: To display a Sum value of Column “Penny Redemption” from sheet “UBERx” on my Summary sheet.
The values that will be sum’d are all $0.01. However, as you will see in the screenshot when I have the Function Arguments page open on my Sum_range line it shows the values as “0.00999999999999979” every time it sees “0.01”. The end result is the sum of = 0

I would like to know WHY excel is round .01 to .00999999999999979″?

I would like to know HOW to fix this problem so it simply adds .01 as .01

Function Arguments:
Sum_range: UBERx[Penny Redemption]
Criteria_range 1: UBERx[Month]
Criteria 1: MONTH(B$4)


Actual values in UBERx[Penny Redemption] are:
0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01
This should = when sum’d to 0.07
I am getting 0 after the sumifs


By: Peter J. Dominguez III

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  1. Peter J. Dominguez III

    Wow Im an idiot. If there was a way to delete this I would delete it. Turns out I have no problem at all…turns out I didn’t have any data for “January to be calculated. To see my $0.07 total I had to fill in all cells to the right in order to see the $0.07 I had in August. Lol *FACEPALM*

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