Segregate Similar Data into Columns

Hello there! I’m new to excel and I’m stuck in sorting some data.

I have an excel sheet containing data of some companies which are selling different products. I have sorted the products alphabetically in rows against each company but I want that data to be sorted in such a way that same product sold by every company should be in one column only against the company which sells that.


Company Name Items      
TATA Blast Freezers Chillers Refrigeration Freezers  
SPARK Mixer Moulder    
KBH Automatic Machines Plant Baking Equipment Mixer Processing Machine
MSC Bowls Coffee Mug Crockery Dinner Set
ANNAPURNA Air Conditioner Blast Freezers Chillers  
ICON INDUSTRIES Grinders Mixer Moulder Processing Machines


I want to sort them in such a way that only blast freezers should be shown in the column against their company, mixer in another and so on.

How can I do that. Please help me out in this.


By: Dheeraj Solanki

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