Multiple value lookup

Office 365 version of Excel

Data is taken from an external system – copied on screen (ctrl+a ctrl+c) This is then pasted into a sheet within a workbook (sheet 2) and then data is aligned to columns (accepting defaults in dialogue box)

In order to use the external data as a report the user is:

  • Filtering column B with a series of different queries
  • Each query result – if it has any results – then has the entire row(s) copied and paste into sheet 1 (the reporting sheet) to allow calculations to take place

The filter queries are known values and only the size of the data in sheet 1 is questionable (total rows) – column layout is consistent

The reporting takes around 40mins to compile – when I think it should be possible in much less.

Whilst I am comfortable using a single lookup value – I cannot get my arms around multiple queries and subsequently pasting those multiple (or no) results into the appropriate sheet.

Which is where I am hoping that I have been clear enough for someone to tell me how easy it really is!


Once the filter results appear on screen the row is copied and then pasted to a reporting sheet (sheet 1)

By: Richard

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  1. Richard

    *Edit – I mention sheet 1 twice – sheet 1 is the reporting sheet – sheet 2 is the copied data sheet

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