Military time subtraction issues

I’m having the hardest time getting excel 2013 to get all the things I need rolled into one. I need to enter times in military time and know the difference between the two, be it negative or postive. These times quite often end up on either side of midnight as well. 


I have a column of times that represents a time that the item needs to be done by. The next column is the time it was actually done by. The third column will be the difference of the two.


05:12    04:59     00:13

23:47    01:35     -01:48

02:10    02:35     -00:25

02:35    02:10     00:25


I have to track many of these very quickly with changing times constantly so I need it to be very fast. It also doesn’t matter if the times don’t show a colon.  0512 is just as good as 05:12 for what I’m viewing. But with how often and how quickly I need to get these times in, I can’t be manually entering a colon everyime I enter a time into a cell.


I’ve tried several ways and just never come up with everything. Right now I’m getting times returned in my third column but I can’t trust them. For instance for the first two exaples above it returns 00:53 and 22:12 respectively. But 07:40   06:26 returns the correct 01:14. I’m at a loss. any help is great. I am really not great at excel formulas yet, as should be evident.

Thank you

By: Brett

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