Is there a quicker way to do this? Sorting data into list based on two criteria

I have some data I wish to sort into a list BUT… in column A are vendor names vertically i.e Tradesmart and then horizontally across the top are individual project numbers in each column.

Horizontally some projects have different costs for the same vendor. What I need to do is get a list which has the vendors in column a and the costs in column B, if the vendor has two projects with costs then it needs to appear twice with the different costs. For example: If Tradesmart has costs in project 1235 and 1245 then it should appear as follows in column A and B as follows.

Tradesmart £50

Tradesmart £60

If I use a Hlookup it will simply pick the first cost it finds for that vendor and If I use a SUMIF it will sum a total under one vendor but I need it split out and to repeat the name if it appears under several project numbers. It could very well be that some vendors only have one cost under one project in which case making a list wouldn’t be an issue. Also one step further would be to put the relevant project number in column C next to the corresponding Vendor and cost. This is simply rearranging the way the data appears but right now I’m having to do this manually and its taking a very long time.

Any help someone can offer would be highly appreciated. 



By: Ellie

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