How to use VLOOKUP with IF function

I am creating a spreadsheet for chemicals concentration and I want to look up a certain chemical name but I want it to look throguh a table of different chemicals. The problem is I want a certain cell to appear if the concentration of that chemical is less or more than the other cells in the table.

So the table information contains chemical name in the first column

Second column would contain <Value

Third column contain the information if its true.

Fourth – conatin >value

Fifth – contain the info if its true etc. and it goes on…


Heres what I got so far… but it doesnt seem to work

=VLOOKUP(A15,'[Classification Update.xlsx]Concentration’!$A$2:$K$50,IF(F15<‘[Classification Update.xlsx]Concentration’!$B:$B,3,””),IF(F15>'[Classification Update.xlsx]Concentration’!$E:$E,5,””))



By: Sunny

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