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I have a situation where I have 3 different “categories” but 4 differernt formulas.

SO, let’s say my categories are Dogs, Cats, and Fish. I will always have Dogs. Sometimes with the Dogs I’ll have Cats; sometimes I’ll have Fish with my Dogs, and sometimes I’ll have Cats AND Fish with my Dogs. And the numbers vary with all of my stock.

I need to have a formula where #1 it recognizes what’s in the group (Dogs, Dogs/Cats, Dogs/Fish, Dogs/Cats/Fish), then I need that formula to add each category.

Here’s an example: The 6 left columns are my working columns where I manually type the number and type of livestock, and the FORMULA column is what I need it to say.

3 Poodle           3 Dog(s): Poodle
2 Snauzer 2 Tabby       2 Dog(s): Snauzer / 2 Cat(s): Tabby
5 Bloodhound     1 Guppy   5 Dog(s): Bloodhound / 1 Fish(s): Guppy
1 Poodle 4 Calico 1 Guppy   1 Dog(s): Poodle / 4 Cat(s): Calico / 1 Fish(s): Guppy


I have formulas for each individual siguation, but I can’t figure out how to have Excel figure out which formula to use when.

Here are the formulas I use individually:
=(B13&” Dogs(s): “&C13&””)

=(B14&” Dog(s): “&C14&” / “&D14&” Cat(s): “&E14&””)

=(B15&” Dog(s): “&C15&” / “&F15&” Fish(s): “&G15)

=(B16&” Dog(s): “&C16&” / “&D16&” Cat(s): “&E16&” / “&F16&” Fish(s): “&G16)

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