Change columns in formula when dragging down

My example data here is what I am looking to get for an end result without having to go in and manually change the column letters on each row as I have been doing.


Production Hrs. Pcs/Hr.
=SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!B7:B13) =SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!C7:C13) =DF5/DG5
=SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!D7:D13) =SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!E7:E13) =DF6/DG6
=SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!F7:F13) =SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!G7:G13) =DF7/DG7
=SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!H7:H13) =SUM(‘Daily SUMMARY’!I7:I13) =DF8/DG8

By: Melissa

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