Multiple IF functions in one formula

Making a usage spreadsheet for Housekeeping. Multiple units with different bedding and towel totals. 

I have each column separated by what the unit has  – King, Queen, Twins, Pillow Cases, King Pillow –> all the way to bath towels(9 Columns). Each row is divided into what the unit would supply.(80 units all separated by a blank row for formulas)  Column U is where I will input how many times I will turn that unit. 


This is the formula I have to figure out how many Queen and Twin Sheets I will use in unit 1

Queen Sheets 

Cell W3

=IF((U3*W2)<=0, “”, U3*W2)

Twin Sheets 

Cell X3

=IF((U3*X2)<=0, “”, U3*X2)


I am trying to calculate how many Pilow Cases I will use. 

Y3 is where I will input the formula. 

I need this formula to take my how many queens sets we will use and multiply by two and add how many twin sets we will use. To get the total Pillow Cases. So I used this formula 

=IF((W3*2)+X3<=0, “”, W3*2+X3)

But if the unit does not have any twin sheets how do get it to skip that box in X3 or if there weren’t any Queens to multiply 2 by. 


If there are Zero Queens in W2 then my above formula has an error symbol #value!


By: Nichole Bjorgaard

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