Help with pulling information from a table

Hello, so I am trying to create a volunteer hour tracker for my organization where people will go in add their name and other information about their volunteering, to include how many hours they served.

I want people to be able to add themselves multiple times over the course of the year in just a long running list of people’s names, events, times, etc.

I would like to have three sheets, all of which similar, that are for the three different components of our organization and for the people in each section.  Then, on a 4th sheet, i would like to have it set up with three columns, one for each section, where for all the people who have ever input anything in on the other sheet to be listed with their total hours served.

For example:

In section B.  Alan volunteered five times, each for two hours.  So on the 2nd sheet he is listed five times with two hour entries.  Then on the 4th sheet there will be one entry for John, under the second column, with a total of 10 hours next to his name.


(I use the term column perhaps carelessly, column in the sense of two columns next to each other; one for the name, the other for the hours)

By: Michael

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