Working the percentage of complete checks into a formula and then into a bar graph

Hi all,

I have been playing around with a few check lists that we hold within the maintenance team. One such is the checking of emergency exit lighting systems. Each month, each of these should be checked (represented in my spreadsheet as A5:A52), I have introduced another column that is a simple ‘check complete’ (represented in my spreadsheet as H5:H52). What I am hoping to do, is have a count which will display of percentage of the cells between H5:H52 which are blank. Using COUNTIF will add them up, but then my percentage would be 4800%… I just cant figure out how to work the percentage of checks carried out of the light systems each month and then work that into a bar chart for visual display.

The tables for each month are all held on seperate sheets, labelled Jan through to Dec.

So the generalised question would be… how do I work out the percentage of 48 cells (H5:H52) that are currently ‘blank’ and then display that in a graph that shows all 12 months and what percentage of the checks were carried out during that month?

Is it even possible?

Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you clever clever people.

By: BGB Maint

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