“If” Formula

I’m trying to get my “IF” function to calculate a formula that involves time. So I have a time “hh:mm” in column A and I have another time “hh:mm” in column B. So for this example my time in column A is 7:30 a.m. and my time in column B is 12:30 p.m. which is equivalent to exactly 5 hours. In column C i have a formula which reads “IF(((B5-A5)*24)>=5,0.5,0)”. I want the formula to return a “.5” if the time is equal to or greater than 5 and a “0” if the time is less than 5. For some reason it returns a zero when it should be returnnig a “.5”. In order for me to fix this issue, I put the formua like this “IF(((B5-A5)*24)>=4.99,.5,0)”. When I change it to 4.99 instead of an exact 5 it returns the “.5” I’m looking for. I don’t know why the formula doesn’t work when i insert the “5” as the value. It would be greatly appreciated if you can help. Thanks

By: Dimitri

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