Help with pivot table from multiple sheets

I am new to pivot tables, and would like some help please. I have a sheet with new contracts in ie. sales sold by each salesman. Date in first column then salesman name next then particulars of the sale.
I have managed to make a great little pivot where I show total sales by each guy per week. It filters by week, showing name and total income per guy and the sum of products per guy. So I have duplicate dates and duplicate names in this data sheet obviously.
Ok so, on another page, I have a list of their site visits per day. Dates down column 1 and each name across the top. Eg. 12/7/17 Simon had 3 visits and so on.
I would like to have this data in the pivot too and a column for working out strike rates. I’m doing this manually at present but surely I can make the pivot do it for me.
There are odd occasions where they have visits but no sales. Need to show these too. And all need to be filtered by weekly date.
Any advice ( I’m a newbie so be gentle please lol) VERY MUCH APPRECIATED as I’ve been trying for ages to mAke this work.
By: Lisa rudd

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