Formula for IF solutions

I am wondering how I can set up a formula to calculate the dollar amount earned per rep based on the individual GA sales when the Store total hits a tier. I have the IF formula correct for the store total to figure out the total amount paid based on the tiers. What I am trying to accomplish is based on what tier the store total falls in how much will the rep be paid based on their contribution. So if cell C10 is 63 then the payout is based on A16 for the tier and B16 for the dollar amount per unit sold. So, Rep1 sold 5 of those 63 and since they are paying at $10.50 a unit the sum in cell E3 would be equal to $52.50. I want the cell to know what the value is all the time. I only want to have to change the tiers each month if they fluctuate and the GA totals for each. I can provide the excel file if needed and the screenshot when asked.

By: Sam

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