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I am using excel 2016. I recently started a new job at a property management company. The person that had the job before me created an excel sheet to track a property and other properties that are comparable to it. The way it works is that we pull up the property that we manage and the comparable properties and we track rent, what type of units (1B/1B etc..). She created a fillable form that basically fills in the information automatically once you choose the property and the floor plan from the drop down menu. (number of bedroom, square feet, etc…). It then drops that info into the next row keeping intact the older data so we can keep track of trends. The issue is that if I want to use this excel sheet for a new property and the 6 (average) comperable units I have to go in and change 1046 lines of code. Not all properties have the same number of units, floor plans, rent, or square footage. This would not be an issue if it wasnt for the fact that we own/manage 150 properties. So my vision is an excel sheet that allows me to choose the property and floor plan and it auto fills the square footage, number of bathrooms, number of bedroom, all I have to change is the rent if it did chnage, and I dont have to go in and edit 1046 lines of code everytime I need to use it for a different propety. I am really lost. 

By: CJ

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