compare filtered list with unfilterd list in another worksheet and find duplicates

hi guys

hope you can help – i’ve got no hair left.

In one worksheet (called W1) I have list of property names and inspections. These names are repeated many times because one property can have many different inspections . the property name is in column A and the inspections in column B – I have hundreds of records .

In another worksheet (called W2) I have a list of unique property names which are not repeated.

What I am trying to do is to filter the property names in W1 against a specific inspection. Fine I can do this. In W2 I want to be able to highlight the property names that are now showing in W1 after I have filtered them.

I’ve had some success (looked on the web – tried VLOOKUP, match, conditional formatting) but nothing so far is working as it should. I think it is not working because I am comparing the properties in W2 with a filtered list.

I’m obviously missing something

Any help appreciated


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