I think I Need an ANDIF / Match formula, but not sure

Hi All, thanks so much for taking the time to read this, hopefully I am clear in what I am asking and doing everything correct according to the forum rules. 

I am looking for help in creating a formula or code that will help be with the following…

In A+B I have hundreds of lines of PO’s (Purchase Orders) and the corresponding model or SKU that I ordered (exported from my POS system)

D,E, and F was exported from the external company, and while it shows the same PO number and Model #, there is an extra tab that shows whether it will ship the date that I orignally requested it.

So in this example below, in F3, I am being told that I will not be receiving model ABC1234 from PO#H6117-19 (D3) on the expected ship date. Since my internal POS system doesnt know that, is there a formula of some sort that can be placed in C which would match both A+D and B+E; so if both of these criteria are exactly the same;then C could return how the amount of items shipping?


Again, I hope I am being clear in what I am asking. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this. 

A               B                 C           D               E             F 

H53117-10 ABC123   H53117-10 ABC123 1
H6117-19 ABC1234   H6117-19 ABC1234 0
H6117-19 ABC12345   H6117-19 ABC12345 5

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