Multiple Criteria Range with Text Output

I need to find a formula that works as follows: If B2:B6 = Value X and C2:C6 = Value Y, Output is a text value from Range A2:A6.

Since I need it to look in a range on all criteria and output will be a text result from another range, I beleive this needs to be a Vlookup or something similar?

Here’s a concrete example. As you will see, I already developed a formula to find the “Best Time” (I used MINIF). But, let me know if there’s a better way to ID in one formula 1) which driver has the fastest time in each class, and 2) what that fastest time is.


I need to find the value of cell G3. This means, I need to identify the driver’s name (Column A) whose:

  • class (Column B) = “P1” AKA cell E3, 
  • and whose time (Column C) = “20.2” AKA Cell F3

By: Nicole

One thought on “Multiple Criteria Range with Text Output

  1. Nicole

    Realized my graphic of Excel did not come through. Here is the example:

    A B C D E F G
    1 NAME CLASS TIME Class Best Time Driver
    2 Joe P1 23.3 P1 20.2 ?
    3 George P1 20.2 P2 25.0 ?
    4 Sam P2 25.0
    5 Jill P2 25.8
    6 Mary P1 24.0

    If I know already the fastest time of P1 is 20.2 (because I used MINIF for that), how can I get a formula to find the Driver’s Name who matches class = P1 and time = 20.2?

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