If/Vlookup Help?

Hello – I am wondering if it is possible to create an IF/VLOOKUP (or something similar) statement that does the following:


  • There could be 2 rows of data for the same person, but contains different numerical values that I need to pull.
  • For example… if C2 says “bonus 1” then return the value in this field, otherwise, return zero.

I’m basically going to have 2 rows of data for the same person, where one row has bonus 1 of $1000 and the second row has bonus 2 for $3000.  Since vlookups only pull the first row it finds (and will duplicate the same value after that), I was hoping there is some other way to go about achieving this?


Thank you!


By: Quinn

One thought on “If/Vlookup Help?

  1. Quinn

    Sorry, I should also mention that I cannot create any other fields to make this work (such as a field that combines employee ID and bonus amount to create a unique identifier for the vlookup). I can only use the fields that are currently present, so am hoping a formula only will help with this.

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