How to transfer specific data from one sheet to another


I have a sheet containing data on country names and aid given to each country over a period of 21 years (there are 250 countries and the data is yearly).

I want to group 141 of the countries by income claasification (low and high). How do I automatically copy specific country data from the sheet with 250 countries and past that information into a new worksheet? i.e. I want to select specific country data from a range of countries and paste the correct country in a new worksheet. e.g. in sheet 1 there is 250 countries. I want to extract the information for countries named Namibia, Peru, Swaziland, Lesotho etc from sheet 1 and paste it in sheet 2. Is there a quick way of doing this without having to individually copy and paste all 141 countries?

By: Asi

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