How do I update a cell with date & time whenever any cell in a certain row is updated

How do I make each cell in column E(named Date), automatically update with date and time once any cell in column B,C,D is being filled with data,

I want a scenario where each cell in column E will automatically update separately on its own with date and time, when a cell on the same row is filled with either text or number.

See an example from this link below:

If I fill in either text or number in to cell Row4columnB the cell in Row4ColumnE will automatically update with the date and time any cell in Row4ColumnB or Row4ColumnC, Row4ColumnD is being filled with text or number or both.

The date and time should be different from when cell Row25columnB is being filled and updated, the cell in Row25ColumnE should automatically update with a different date from when Row4 was updated.

By: Paul Omugbe

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