Trouble with Lookup & If Formulas

Hi, I feel like this is a pretty basic formula, but I can’t seem to find it solved where I’ve looked formulas up.  I’m using Excel 2013.  Basically , I have two sheets open.


Sheet 1 : Let’s say has 4 columns, A-D

Sheet 2: Has a summary of other items, but need the values from Sheet 1


Scenario: Sheet 2, Cell A1- I want it to do the following

* Refer to Sheet 1

* Look at Column A- if a value exists in A1, then output that into Sheet 2, Cell A1

Else, output the value that is in Sheet 1, Cell B1 to Sheet 2, Cell A1


The way my sheet is designed is that it will EITHER have a value in column  A or B but not both, hence, I want sheet 2 to look at column A & B and spit out whatever value exists.


Visual Example


Sheet 1

         A              B   

1       5000         

2                     20000


So Sheet 2 would then show


1      5000

2      20000


Is there a formula that can do that, I know there is and most likely simple. any help is super appreciated!


By: Amanda

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