Populate a sheet with info on another sheet based on certain values.

Hello everyone,


First of all I am not even close to a good at excel, so I was thinking maybe you can help me.


I have a workseet that has 2 sheets. 

Sheet 1, I have a lot of cases that can have different statuses.

4 columns

Case | Status | ID | Comment

I want on sheet 2, to display the info from the ID and Comment columns next to each other, dpending on the Status of the Case. 

I have 4 columns in Sheet 2, A.B,C,D.

If the status is NOT OK, Display the info from ID and Comment in Sheet 2 A, B

If Status is Closed, display the info from ID and Comment in Sheet 2 C, D

However I have hundreds of cases with different statuses, and I do not want spaces between the infos in SHEET 2 columns. 

I tried creating 4 different columns hidden in Sheet 1, to display info depending on the Status.

IF(CELL=”Not Ok”,ID info,””) and another one for Comment.

In sheet 2 I have =IF(‘Sheet1 HiddenCell<>””,’Sheet1’!ID info,””) and another one for comment.

However, I really dont know what to do because the status of the cases changes constantly and I do not want the info in sheet 2 to have a lot of sapces between them. 

I need to see at a glance the ID’s and comments for Closed and Not ok statuses in sheet 2. 

Is there any way to do that, or am I asking too much?


Thanks in advance for your help.



By: Alex

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