Excel sheet is not showing the updated data.


I am facing a serious issue regarding an excel file. Let me describe this clearly. I was using Computer “A” with Windows 7 version and Office 2013 version. I had to maintain a excel sheel sheet for daily records and proceeding of accounting works which goes on serial no. on accounting year basis and the serial no is the main thing to be tracked. Now i have updated the file till 22nd March 2017. Now new PCs came to our office with windows 8 rpo and office 2007 and the vendor tranferred the dats from old HDD to New HDD by CUT-Paste method. Now in the new PC i should get the updated file of the excel sheet till 22 nd March 2017 but i am getting it only till october 2016 and the updates in the excel sheet after that day is not available. Please help.

By: Supriyo

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