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I am working with data from a relational database exported to excel. A 6 digit code in one cell will drive what codes go into the other cells. The third, fourth and fifth position of the 6 digit code is primary driving force for the other codes. I would like to have a formula to tell me if the information is correct or not.


  • If A1= PAOZZN then B1= 100, C1= 0, D1= 0.0001, E1=0.002, F1=0

  • If A1= PADZZN then B1= 0, C1= 100, D1= 0, E1= 0, F1=0

  • If A1= PAODDT then B1=100, C1= 0, D1= 0.0001, E1=0.002, F1=100

By: Ronnie

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