Data Attributes in Excel


I want to ask if there is a way to “tag” cells, rows or culums with attributes, and then reference them in formulas, either on the same sheet or another sheet in the workbook?
There was a tag option up until 2015, but it seems to have been removed in the latest version (2016).

To be more specific, I will be making a master sheet with data. In my case, I wish to run analysis on football players, and how they perform with various metrics. Let’s say I have all player data from a given season. Goals scored, just to mention one.

Looking at one Football team, a player has a “position eg. DC, MC, SC”, but also a nationality, or region from which they hail. I imagine that data is listed individually for each player. Looking at goals scored for example, is there a way to tag cells “Ex goals scored” with an attribute “country/region” and then make excel calculate results? For example, goals scored by Englishmen, Frenchmen, etc.

I have been unable to find a solution online, hope you can help.

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