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I am trying to build a data sheet template for measurement data. What I am struggling with is that I want conditional formatting to highlight a cell if it is below the number in the same row in column G and above the number in the same row in column J in red. (above or below the tolerance of a given measurement) I would also like to highlight cells that fall between numbers in the like row between columns G and J in green. I can manage to do it if I format it one row at a time, but I have a large sheet and would rather be able to format the entire sheet more efficiently all in one shot. I have tried the format painter but it won’t change the number of the cell that is the reference. For example if the row in which I originally create the conditional format is row 11,and it refers back to the cell at G11, then when I format paint or try the corner drag method all the formatted rows want to refer to the cell G11. And what I want them to do is refer to the cell in column G but for row 12, I want it to refer to G12, row 13 refer to G13 ect. 

By: Dave

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