Hi – I have an issue with an INDEX MATCH MATCH formula to sum multiple values based on a less than criteria:

Below is the table in question:

Cell A1 01/01/17 02/01/17 03/01/17 04/01/17 05/01/17

Product 1 2 2 1 3 258

Product 2 1 1

Product 3 1 2

Product 4 1 7

Product 5 1 3

Based on a given release date (e.g. 05/01/17) and Product name (e.g. Product 1) I can easily write an INDEX MATCH MATCH to bring back the 258 sales from first day of launch of the product.  As you can see from the data set, values exist before that day and I need to sum those into my first day.    Eseentially I am trying to write a formula showing me the first day of sales for a given day / product ADDED to any sales from a date less than the given day but can’t figure our how to out it together!!
Please help!?!?!?


By: Rob

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