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I am trying to create a sheet in excel, that contains certain rows and columns from a different sheet, based on a checkbox.  I have researched and am unable to find just what I am looking for.  The use case is this:  Sheet A is a questionnaire where we discover information, and it contains a checkbox that will be checked IF the question should be included on Sheet B, which is an agenda.  The agenda should only contain the checked rows from Sheet B, but also, it should only contain a subset of the columns, as there is alot more information on Sheet A, than I want on sheet B.  I have played with advanced filters and hiding the columns I don’t want on Sheet B, but the checkbox always displays, etc.  I am not a developer, just an accountant, and haven’t played around alot with VBA, but am willing to try.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I have MS Office Prof Plus 2013.

By: Toni

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