I am having trouble trying to get this statement to use the word “FAILED” when the statement is false.

Tried many options.  I can make it work if the if statement contains a value and if it is greater than or less than.

Can you help

By: Eric

2 thoughts on ““FAILED” or “CERTIFIED”

  1. Eric

    =IF((V10=” “),” “,IF(V10=”PASS”,IF(V16=”PASS”,IF(V22=”PASS”,IF(V26=”PASS”,IF(V14=”PASS”,IF(V20=”PASS”,”CERTIFIED”,”FAILED”)))))))

    Forgot to post statement see above.

  2. Eric

    I did some research and found the error. I now use an “AND” statement and all works great.
    All 6 cells need to be true to return CERTIFIED but any false statement returns FAILED
    =IF((W10=” “),” “,IF((AND(W10=”PASS”,W14=”PASS”,W16=”PASS”,W20=”PASS”,W22=”PASS”,W26=”PASS”)),”CERTIFIED”,”FAILED”))

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