countif with manny criteria

This is long shot but hope someone can help out. What im trying to achieve is a formula to calculate the average of a range of cells using the countif function. The formula i have works but i want to trim it down so i can refer to just one range from another multiple range of cells. what i have i something similar to this;


=AVERAGE(COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$1),COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$2),COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$3),COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$5),COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$4),COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$6),COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$7)

..and what i want is something that looks like this;


=AVERAGE(COUNTIF(E277:E377,Table 3::$A$1,Table 3::$A$2,Table 3::$A$3… )


i hope this makes sense

By: Antonio Sirignano

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