Drop Down Menu Items with Linked Values

I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to dreate a drop down menu where each menu item has a value associated with it, and could then create formulas based on the values of multiple drop down menus’ selections. I’m trying to create a “dynamic” spreadhseet where I can add weights together automatically by selecting items. For example:

I have three drop down menus.

Drop down menu 1 is a list of large envelopes.
Drop down menu 2 is a list of small envelopes (that go into the big envelopes).
Drop down menu 3 is a list of different types of papers (that go into the big envelopes).

Everything is measured in ounces (oz.).  Could I create worksheets for each drop down menu, and a fourth with numeric values (from 0.00-10.0, for example; A1-K100.), and associate drop down menu items with those values?

The idea is that I would end up with something like this:

Envelope            Insert #1        Insert #2     Total

#10 Envelope | 8.5×11 Letter | #9 Envelope | 1.8 oz.

The drop down  menus would show the items I’m selecting but would correspond with a numeric value (weight) on another worksheet without changing to show that number. That way I could create a series of drop down menus and at the end of the row have a column that equals the sum of the “linked” values of each selected drop down menu item.

By: Mark

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