Deleting excess rows in a table when copying over information

At my job I work with large amounts of data. I have an Excel spreadsheets with tables that contain all of my necessary formulas and fuctions, but I frequently need to update the the data.


To do this, I run a report from our system that provides me with an updated list of data. I copy the information from this new report, and paste it to the workbook with my table.


However, the new report may have less data than my table (some rows are deleted from the new list). When I paste the information over, I must make sure to go down to the bottom of my table and delete any excess data/rows that are no longer needed.


Is there an easier way to do this? If I forget to check if there is extra data, my table is now incorrect. Is there a way to have Excel simply delete the unneeded rows when I’ve copied the information over?

By: Janene Kirk

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