Excel 2013-Filter/Drilldown question

Hi, I have an Excel question. I am trying to create a list of data (that will grow) and I need to be able to filter down. 

1st-Question- I have 6 rows (Area, Subject, Date, Open/Close, SR Open/Close, SR Data) I have Area, Subject, Date Open/Close (Merged & Centered) with multiple lines. The reason, because there can be MANY SR’s under SR Open/Close & SR Data. The problem is, when I do a filter search on Area or Subject or Date or Open/Close, it only will display the first SR Data. How do I make Excel, when I do a filter search on (Area/Subject/Date/Open/Close) ALL the SR’s (on multiple rows) are displayed for whatever Area, Subject, Date I choose?

2nd Question: Do you know of a better way/process that is better to view this data and easier for my readers to view and utilize this report? I want them to be able to see everything or drilldown to specific “Subjects” and see the associated SRs (all of them). So, for example, under Area I can have (Questions, Data, Concerns), then under Subject (under the ” Area” of Questions I can have several “Subjects” such as Airfare, Rental Car, etc.), under “Date” (under the “Area” of Questions, under “Subjects” of Airfare, I select the Date). I want to be able to either display ALL data or be able to filter on any of these columns (Area, Subject, Date, etc.) and drill down to specific subject, but, (from my first question) if I pick on any Subject, I want to be able to see all the associated SR’s from the SR column. Under the Subject, there can be multiple SR, so when i filter I want to see all those SRs in the different Rows. So, for example, when I filter down Area and then Subject, I should see the 10 SR’s (on 10 different rows) for that Subject I just drilled/filtered down too?

I hope this is not confusing…. THank you so MUCH in advance!

By: Shawn Breson

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