Change cell colour based on value

How do I change the background colour of a cell based on it value.  For values between 1-5 I want the cell to be yellow and from 6 – 10 it needs to orange and from 11 – 15 it is red, and so on


Thank you

By: Gemma

2 thoughts on “Change cell colour based on value

  1. Ian Jacknow

    By selecting “conditional Formatting” in the styles section of the Home tab, you can create a custom rule by clicking on “new rule” at the bottom of the drop down list. i hope this part is pretty straight forward and you can manage to read the headers and figure out how to set values for each color.

  2. Luka

    You can use the function “Conditional Formatting” and then make a new rule. There are some standard colour scales that you can try but I find that it is often not what i’m looking for.
    When you make a new rule you can choose for a 3-color-scale by Style. And then add formulas for the colours of the specific numbers you mentioned.

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