SUM two cells, but one cell is only worth 8 max

I need to add the values of two cells, however, one of the cells can only count up to 8 points.

For example, cell B3 = 10 and cell B4 = 24. All of cell B4’s value counts, but only a max of 8 points can be counted from cell B3, resulting in a total sum of 32 instead of the simpler sum of 34 where both values are fully counted.


Background: This spreadsheet will track training hours completed by students. There are two types (‘service-specific’ and ‘general’) of training students can complete to meet their annual quota of 32 credit hours, however, one of the two types (‘service-specific’) of training can only count up to 8 hours no matter how many actual hours of that type they completed. Cell B3 will reflect the total service-specific training they complete, but the cell which reflects the sum of B3 and B4 should not count more than 8 hours from cell B3.


Thanks in advance!

By: cuzmulder

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