How to link comments to a particular point in an excel chart

Hi,I would like to populate comments on to an Excel line chart that help annotate the story it tells.


The chart has time along the X-axis and the values of variable along the Y-axis. These values come from a standard two column table.

My current process is to manually add text boxes with arrows pointing to each point on the chart however whenever I update the time axis the line graph shifts along and the manually added text boxes are out of synch.

My thought of a solution is to add a third column to the source table and against the row where a comment is needed add my words to the third column. I need your help please on a way that I could get the comments from the source table to populate in a linked text box box to the line chart. I am guessing this needs a macro as I can’t see any obvious functionality within excel to do it.

By: Paul

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