Excel Function

A B C D Status
1 1 0 4 A, B, D
0 1 2 3 B, C, D
1 0 2 3 A, C, D
1 2 3 1 A, B, C, D

Hi, I am looking for a solution or a excel function to reach a solution in col. 5th “Status”. So, it s like, when you enter number <> 0 in 1st row then the col status should give the result as A, B, C, D. However, if any of the cell is left black or equal to 0 then the result should be printed in correspondent to the col heading as shown in the above figure.

I have tried it with IF statement but, the condition counts are make it very huge and messed up statement. I know it can be done with the vba code, however, I am looking for the excel function.

Thanking you in anticipation.

By: Ashish

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