Taking a word or phrase from a paragraph in a cell (but also want to do this for the whole column) and place it into another cell in another column.

Hi, so my issue is….

I have column A, and in each row there, let’s say there’s a phrase like “My name is Bob and I like to eat” in the first row, but in the second row it says “My name is Erin and I like to sleep,” and so forth with many other names and similar/different things they like.

I want to have a formula that can look for a particular phrase or word in that column, like “I like to sleep,” so it only looks for people that like to sleep, and have it put the phrase “I like to sleep” on the same row but another column.

I tried looking through forums but not sure if there’s an easier way to explain this.


I’d sincerely appreciate any help I can get.





By: Luis Oreamuno

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