In the firt tab you have three rows. The first row gives the second and thirth row a name. 
If for example the word “Kas” stands before the second and thirth row i want to sum them in a new tab and again in two columns. This is not a problem, because you can do it with the next code: =SOM.ALS(GJ!D2;”Kas”;GJ!F2) and with =SOM.ALS(GJ!D2;”Kas”;GJ!G2). 

The problem is the following: I want the new column, so F2 and G2 in the tab ‘GJ’ without 0’s. So if you draw the formula downwards you will have cells with and without content, because there are rows that do not contain the word “Kas”. I want these zero’s gone and put al the content in one row under one another. 

By: Thijs

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