Condensing data from a drop down list

I am doing an expense report with many different expense users. They each have their own expense sheet within the same workbook. I have created a drop down selection for them to choose what type of expense it is (like kitchen, bathroom, floor…) for each entry so in any given report there might be 4+ kitchen entries. Now i would like to sum up all those Kichen, bathroom, floor…ect expenses in one summary page. 


Here is an example of the expense sheet: And it’s the room/purpose column that i have created the drop down for.

Room/Purpose Date Store/Vendor Description Amount
Demolition/prep 8/18/2014 Home Depot Bug killers and contractor bags  $                  56.90
Roofing 8/28/2014 Home Depot Lumber for framers  $                360.34
Garage door/opener/outbuilding 9/2/2014 Home Depot Locks, handels, trim  $                137.22


 Now I want to sum all those different expense $ amounts together so i can see the grand total of each expense on this summary page: 


Rehab Budget Budget  Actual  Difference ($)
Main building  $        –  This is where i want my formula  $                  –
Demolition/prep      $                  –
Foundation/Footings                          –
Rough Carpentry                          –
Electrical                          –



I have been reading different posts and tried a variety of formulas from vlookup to =SUM(IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH but i can’t acheive gathering all the different drop down items that are simial and sum them up. I would be happy to give any clarifying data that would help make this more clear.




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